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Una investigación de 5 años, que incluye imágenes de archivo y de prensa, recorre la marcha de la llamada tragedia de Antuco (2005) , donde fallecieron 45 soldados a causa de la hipotermia. Nuestros protagonistas nos relatan, sus consecuencias desde…

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From 1973 to 1990 in Chile, approximately 370,000 young men—mostly from impoverished backgrounds—were conscripted to serve as soldiers in Augusto Pinochet's violent regime. Some were brutal enforcers, but many themselves endured physical and…

2012_Boletin 24_Comisión de DDHH.pdf
Boletín de a semana legislativa: 26 a 29 de noviembre 2012. Aborda el trabajo de la comisión del senado de DDHH.

2014_Centro de DDHH UDP_Informe anual sobre DDHH en Chile.pdf
Informe anual de DDHH que aborda también el movimiento de ex conscriptos.

20120906_Prosecretario de la Cámara de Diputados_Solicitud y antecedentes.pdf
Resumen (con anexos) de las acciones en la Cámara de Diputados respecto a las peticiones de los ex conscriptos.

19860714_White House_Secret Presidential Evening Reading_Likely Involvement of Chilean Army in Rojas Killing.pdf
This report reflects the only known time when a specific human rights crime in Chile was included in the evening briefing papers of the President of the United States. Reagan is informed that “an investigation by Chilean intelligence has fingered…

19861218_CIA_Secret Intelligence Report_Government of Chile Pressure and Intimidation to Drop Investigation and Prosecution of Rojas Case.pdf
Here, the CIA reports on efforts by Pinochet’s subordinates to pressure judges and lawyers “to stall and dismiss” the case against military officers in the Rojas murder. More than two-thirds of the document is redacted, suggesting that the CIA is…

19860826_Defense Intelligence Agency_Top Secret report_Chile Government Intimidation.pdf
In the weeks following the death of Rojas and burning of Quintana, DIA sources shared information about efforts to intimidate witnesses, which included kidnapping and threats. The intelligence indicated a concerted effort to cover up the Chilean…

19860722_Department of State_Confidential Cable_Information Regarding the Rodrigo Rojas Investigation.pdf
Drawing on a high-level informant in the Chilean Carabineros (police service) the U.S. embassy transmitted the conclusions of investigators that Chilean army officers were responsible for setting Rojas and Quintana on fire and leaving them for dead.…
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